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Why get group insurance for your small business?

Everyone has healthcare costs. These range from simple, inexpensive costs such as a check-up at the dentist, to financially catastrophic prescription drug costs for a serious illness. Without insurance, you and your employees are paying for these costs entirely out of your own pocket using after-tax dollars.

There is a better way. Wherever your needs are within this range, we can build a plan that saves you money on your healthcare costs by using tax-advantaged funding strategies

  • Concerned about the risk of serious illness? We can build a component of protection against this risk for you and your employees.  
  • Looking to grow your business, and need help attracting employees? We can design a plan to attract the talent you need to drive growth.

At Sterling Capital, we understand the importance of managing risk.  We understand sustainability is a prime indicator of proper risk management strategies.  Our unique approach to group benefits will ensure your plan will attract and retain top level talent; while ensuring your costs are sustainable.  The result?  You spend less time worrying about your benefits plan and more time thinking about your business. 

Once your plan is implemented, our proactive approach to plan management will ensure you won’t be put through the tedious task of switching carriers every renewal because of substantial cost increases.  With the use of sophisticated risk modeling tools and comprehensive reporting, we will suggest preventative measures before any potential issues arise, not after.

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