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Health and Dental

You want to protect yourself and your loved ones from the increasing costs to health care. You don’t want to rely on government funded health programs for medication or personal care if you or a family member gets sick. With an ageing population and uncertain economic times, how long will the government be able to sustain public health care? You definitely do not want to be faced with an out of pocket medical or dental bill that has you borrowing money from credit cards, credit lines, or even leveraging your largest asset: your home. 

Canadian Insurance companies have developed multiple solutions to help manage the risk of increasing health costs. As a way to mitigate risk and ensure you and your family are not borrowing for your medical or dental bills, contact us to discuss Manulife’s Flex Care program.  

Independent Business Owner or Contractor

You are a business owner or independent contractor.  Your hard work and long hours drive the economic growth of this country.  We at Sterling Capital have developed a unique approach to Health & Dental benefits to address your needs. 

The program provides tax effective and comprehensive care to you and your family at the lowest possible rates.  We begin with a few easy questions that will help us understand your business and family needs.  We then begin designing, customizing and implementing your custom tailored plan.  

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